Alexander Kanevsky

Born on November 15, 1959 in Russian Federation, city of Tula, where has made his first drawings of tiger, lion, elephant, horse and human at the age of 3.

Entered Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute in 1977. Graduated in 1983, worked in Surgical Oncology and Alternative Medicine.

Immigrated into United States in 1990. In 1991 had his first art shows in Pittsburgh.

First International exhibitions in SoHo, New York (United States) and Barcelona (Spain) in 1996.

Completed his first Triptych Oil on Wood of 366 cm “Creation” which presented in BAI Gallery of Guggenheim Museum of SoHo in 1997. In the same year his art was presented in Bologna (Italy), Tokyo (Japan), and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Has received the First International Award in Fine Art in Venice, Italy in 1999.

In 2000 The New York Times published an article on his painting “Couple”.

Alexander attained in United States status of national media celebrity of a culture in 2000-2001.

Exhibited his collection in New Haven City Hall in 2001.

Kanevsky’s paintings “Hamlet” and “King Lear” were acquired by Royal Shakespeare Globe Theater of London (England). The painting “Alexander on the Grave of Achilles” was acquired by the theater director Peter Kyle in 2003.

Alexander had painted for Governments of Kenya and India in 2004 and Governments of China and Japan in 2005.

Alexander Kanevsky “The Greatest Artist Alive Today”

Exhibited in his galleries in New Haven, Connecticut and Princeton, New Jersey since 2001 and the catalog “Kanevsky:  Genius of Vision” was published in 2010.

Return to exhibiting in galleries of SoHo New York in 2012.

Alexander was selected a Guest of Sundance Film Festival in United States in 2013.

Has exhibited in Museum M.A.C.I.A. during the 55th Venice Biennale.

The art of Alexander was acquired by Villa Sacro Cuore and Museum of Art and Science of Milan in 2013.

Has received a Special Award in the First Biennale of Creativity in Italy (Verona) in 2014.

Has received the Title “Maestro d’Arte” in Italy in 2014 In the same year (2014) received the Award “Premio della Critica”, the Award “Conca d’Oro”, and the

Award in Painting (Premio Pittura) “Diana Musolino” in Italy.

Exhibited in Museum Gubbia, Museum of Contemporary Art Ugo Cara of Muggia, and National Museum “Castello di Murat” in 2014 in Italy.

Alexander had produced over 3000 paintings and become the subject of over 100 interviews and articles from magazines and publications.

Alexander Kanevsky and his Art is pronounced “Genius”, and “One of most important Visionary of Our Time and next Future” by World’s uppermost Art Critics Vittorio Sgarbi and Giammarco Puntelli.