Alexander Kanevsky’s “Cancer and Schizophrenia” (2012, Oil on canvas, 46 x 36 cm) will be exhibited at Verona La Prima Biennale Creativita in Italia in February 2014

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Nomad” (1996, oil on wood, 4 x 8 feet – 122 x 244 cm) has debuted as a Centerpiece of the International Art Performance in New York City in 1996, whereof became the Central focus of attention at 2001 USA National Ideology, Art and Culture Debate at Alexander’s […]

Ed McCormack is one of the most important figures in modern Art publishing and literary genre. He has been a personal writer of such iconic modernity figures as Andy Warhol and Rolling Stones. At present he is one of major Art critics in today’s world and a managing editor of […]

Film by Fabrizio Smisci. The interview embraces certain aspects of the Alexander’s biography; the film also features some of Alexander’s paintings exhibited in Monza as well as moments of Alexander conducting the ArtLab painting session for UNICEF.

Alexander Kanevsky and collector discuss Alexander’s “Yellow Emperor”. Besides the marvel of the painting the collector Barbara Cokelet was happy to learn the story of the “Yellow Emperor” who has developed the Science of Chinese Medicine. The painting is located in Princeton Kanevsky Gallery of Art which is a part […]

Alexander Kanevsky explains 4 of his paintings exhibited in the museum of Art and Science of Milan. The paintings are a part of Alexander’s Grand European Collection