Cover of ” IMAGINE 2014″ ART MAGAZINE as it appeared in “ARTE MONDADORI”

Imagine 2014 Cover Magazin

“ARTE MONDADORI” is World’s most influential Art magazine, featuring in June 2014 Giammarco Puntelli Historical Leading Contemporary and Modern Masters Exhibition IMAGINE 2014

Alexander Kanevsky exhibited in the 4 locations of the IMAGINE 2014 12 of his paintings: “HOPE”, “VISION OF EZEKIEL II”. “LEDA”, “SLEEP”, “SHIVA”, “CLAIRVOYANT”, “SELF”, “OLIVEROTTO DI FERMI”, “SAMSON AND DELILAH”, “INFANT”, “DEATH OF LAOCOON”, and “BIRD AND FISH”.

The exhibition took place at “BIBLIOTECA UMANISTICA” of Milan, “ARCHIVIO PRIA” of Biella, PALAZZO BERNABEI of Assisi, and “SIMBOLI ART GALLERY” della SANTA CROCE of Florence.

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