Photographed in front of his painting “Creation” in Kanevsky Art Gallery in Kent, Connecticut,USA in 2000. The triptych “Creation” has won the painter the First International Award in Fine Art in Venice, Italy, in March 1999 at the Art Addiction International Art Association Exhibition at Palazzo Correr di Santa Fosca […]

This is the 4th of Alexander’s rendering of Christ. The vision was conceived in January 2013 when Alexander was guest star of Sundance Film Festival in USA and executed in June 2013 after Alexander’s meeting with Cardinal Tettamanzi in Villa Sacro Cuore in Italy. The painting was first exhibited in […]   The painting is a visual gift to Anna Aramburo,the Director of National Library of Spain in Madrid. “Red People” is one of 4 major visual gifts of Alexander Kanevsky to some of World’s Principle Art Authorities that the Artist dedicated in 2010. Three other visual gifts were in-signed […] Page of “Arte”, edition Giorgio Mondadori, World’s Leading Art Publisher, featuring Alexander Kanevsky “Prometheus Unbound” (2014, Oil on Wood, 122 x 91 cm) forthwith some of Alexander’s upcoming 2016 events in Italy, curated by Professor Giammarco Puntelli. Also by Giorgio Mondadori Editoriale: Alexander Kanevsky pages in Catalogo del Arte […]

Alexander Kanevsky’ “India” (2005, oil on canvas, 244 x 366 cm) is one of 3, including “Africa” and “Battle of China and Japan of 1605”, major Governmental commissions that Alexander has executed over the years 2004-2007. “India” is one of Alexander Kanevsky’ 17 major Monumental Giant Figurative Compositions from “Creation” […]

Alexander Kanevsky Personal Exhibition at Palazzo Sant’Elia in Italy during Biennale Internazionale Arte di Palermo 2015. Film features Italy renown Art Critic and Historian, Journalist, Essayist, Professor Paolo Levi and Alexander Kanevsky walk through the Exhibition of Alexander Kanevsky paintings at one of the World’s most Beautiful and Grand […]

Alexander Kanevsky’ “Christ” (Fragment, 2007, oil on wood, 244 x 122 cm) is one of Alexander’s 3 versions of Christ, 2 others painted in April and September of 2013, one is in Milan (Italy) another one is in Princeton (USA). This version is presently in Philadelphia (USA). Limited edition lithographs […]

New book by Giammarco Puntelli from Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori “Le Scelte di Puntelli” (“Choices of Puntelli”) is a fundamental ontology of World’s Art of monumental historical significance, comprised from collection of essays on major figures in Art History, Time’s Greatest Artists, beginning from Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, continuing forth […]

Alexander Kanevsky “Apostols” (2013, oil on wood, 183 x 122 cm) is on exhibit at Villa Schiff Giorgini of Montignoso, Italy, as part of Alexakexander Kanevsky Personal Exhibition in occasion of Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea di Massa e Montignoso. The Exhibition is there through September 27. The Exhibition is curated by […]

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Shark” (2008, oil on wood, 122 x 91 cm) in the “Kiasma” article dedicated to Massa Biennale where Personal Exhibitions of Mauro Capitani, Franco Gervasio, Alexander Kanevsky, Carmine Mastronicola and Stefano Solimani will take place place along with collective exhibition of such important artists as Davide Foschi (Founder of […]