Alexander Kanevsky Art

Painting has been discussed in Italy. The main idea of the painting is a composition of human being follows the pattern of universe, from creation to infinite existence, where assimilation, dissimilation and transformation are the 3 main processes that sustain unfading life of self. In his youth Alexander was inspired […]

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Shark” (2008, oil on wood, 4 x 3 feet – 122 x 91 cm) was a star of Sundance Film Festival, ArtExpo New York, Emmaus Center of Milan, Palazzo Leti Sansi and Chiostro di San Nicolo’ of Spoleto, 

Alexander Kanevsky’s painting in Philadelphia. Alexander Kanvsky’s “Monk’s Sacrifice” (1997, oil on wood, 40 x 28 cm) is in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fridman.

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Centaurus” (2007, Oil on wood, 24 x 12 in) Painted in 2007 “Centaurus” has become the centerpiece of the Art Historian, Director of Museo M.A.C.I.A., Gregorio Rossi article analyzing Alexander’s art. Read the Italian and English versions of the article in the next several postings.

Alexander Kanevsky at Rosso Tiziano Gallery of Rosso Tiziano Gallery of Piacenza presents 2 paintings of Alexander Kanevsky. The “Epiphany” arrived there from Festival of Peace in Assisi, where the painting was featured. The “Titus Flavius” arrived there from NYC Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery .be