Alexander Kanevsky Art

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Phedre” (2007, oil on wood, 56 x 25 cm).  This painting is in private collection in Philadelphia, USA ) This painting is in private collection in Philadelphia, USA  

This painting Alexander created for his “Art against Cancer” project. It is known that Alexander is also a Medical Doctor whose chief aspiration is to fight Cancer by Natural Medicine. Alexander as a writer has published his novel “Andilouieda” in 2011.

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Mount Eros” (2013, oil on wood, 6 x 4 feet). Was created for Cannes Film Festival and now is a part of Alexander’s Grand European Collection.  

Alexander Kanevsky and collector discuss Alexander’s “Yellow Emperor”. Besides the marvel of the painting the collector Barbara Cokelet was happy to learn the story of the “Yellow Emperor” who has developed the Science of Chinese Medicine. The painting is located in Princeton Kanevsky Gallery of Art which is a part […]

Alexander Kanevsky’s interview with Richard Gins over the Alexander’s “Evolution” (2009, Oil on wood, 122 x 280 cm) in the New York City Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery

 Painting is significant for Alexander’s apocalyptic vision of fatality of current civilization, exemplified by the depicted phantasmagorical para-anthropomorphic female prodigy flying through the sky of London, who with one of her hands is ripping off the tower of Big Ben, shedding off and leaving behind and underneath representative of modern […]