Alexander Kanevsky painting

Alexander Kanevsky at Rosso Tiziano Gallery of Rosso Tiziano Gallery of Piacenza presents 2 paintings of Alexander Kanevsky. The “Epiphany” arrived there from Festival of Peace in Assisi, where the painting was featured. The “Titus Flavius” arrived there from NYC Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery .be

“…in “Cloud,” where a massive, muscular male torso plummets like that of Icarus from sky to sea, filling most of a large wood panel. Although decapitated at the chin by the lower right side of the composition, the partial figure culminates on the other end, where the groin would normally […]

Ever since Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar, the history of mankind was developing in 2 parallel branches – religious and secular, both receiving the uttermost growth in Ancient Rome. The history still holds these 2 branches together – the State and the Church – in one hand – Rome …

Alexander Kanevsky’s interview with Richard Gins over the Alexander’s “Evolution” (2009, Oil on wood, 122 x 280 cm) in the New York City Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery