Alexander Kanevsky’s art

Alexander Kanevsky on famous SHAOLIN LAKE of CHINA where living and training in SHAOLIN TEMPLE under legendary KUNG FU monks Shang Long and Ye Tin Hui, as part of personal advancement and better understanding of human body in fighting motion, preparing for PAINTING “THE BATTLE OF CHINA AND JAPAN OF […]

Michael Fridman in front of Alexander Kanevsky’s “GOD’S KINGDOM” in KANEVSKY ART GALLERY in NEW HAVEN, USA. Michael has been Alexander’s Chief Technical Support supervisor since 1994. Michael had realized stretching of 10 x 16 feet (310 x 488 cm) canvas for Alexander Kanevsky’s “AFRICA” (commissioned by Government of Kenya […]

The painting is in the collection of Alexsander Kanevsky Art Gallery in Princeton, NJ, USA. The Princeton Gallery is one of principle sites of U.N. AMBASSADOR OF PEACE Sacred Prince of Venice Monsignor Sandro Pulin “ART FOR PEACE IN THE WORLD” organisation. Alexander was inspired by NEW TESTAMENT FROM JOHN […]

Giammarco Puntelli speaks on Alexander Kanevsky at SPOLETO INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL 2014 The ARTISTIC DIRECTOR of Spoleto International Art Festival, Professor Giammarco Puntelli presents the opening of ALEXANDER KANEVSKY EXHIBITION in a Private Chamber of PALACE OF SPOLETO