Alexander Kanevsky’s art

Alexander Kanevsky’s “RAPE OF SABINES” (“RATTO DELLE SABINE”) is now on exhibit at SPOLETO INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL (Artistic Director Giammarco Puntelli) Exhibited first at VERONA BIENNALE DELLA CREATIVITA in ITALIA, the painting then moved into MUSEUM of GUBBIO (DIrector Catia Monacelli), thence into NATIONAL MUSEUM “CASTELLO DI MURAT”, and now, […]

Fragment of ALEXANDER KANEVSKY EXHIBITION at NATIONAL MUSEUM “CASTELLO DI MURAT” in ITALY Placed in Citta Pizzo Calabro Castello di Murat is one of Italy’s most pressures Historic Treasures … The Castell associated with names of Murat,Napoleone Buonaparte, Alexander Dumas, Garibaldi … Alexsander Kanevsky exhibition there has taken place during […]

The painting, along with 9 others, is presented in this Museum Treasure Historic Castle of Italy during personal exhibition of Alexander Kanevsky’ work, celebrating the week of 60th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL PAINTING AWARD “DIANA MUSOLINO” .