Alexander Kanevsky’s art

Alexander Kanevsky and Gene Pompa in the Show “Artist meets Artist” Alexander Kanevsky and famous Italian Artist Gene Pompa are filmed together during their exhibitions at La Prima Biennale della Creativita in Italia in Verona, Italy

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Eternal Life”, 122 x 366 cm oil on wood panel triptych symbolizes  immortality of soul, creating a mountain of dolphin’s and swans, with the artist’s grandparents Fodor Samsonovich and Dona Kuhn, as King and Queen at the bottom of the mountain.

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Tyger Tyger, burning bright”. This 50 x 30 cm oil on wood painting is inspired by one of the artist’s favorite poems by William Blake “The Tyger” (1794) Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

The Film by Virginio Messori depicting a day of Alexander Kanevsky’s paintings exhibition at La Prima biennale della Creativita in Italia in Verona, where he has become the recipient of the Special Award. The film is centered at the artist’s interview by famous Red Ronnie (Gabriele Ansaloni) for Roxy TV […]

Alexander Kanevsky’s “War”. The triptych painted in 2002 by oil over three 8 x 4 feet wooden panels (244 x 366 cm) polemizes and shares Alexander’s thoughts on the subject of War. Being one of the largest moving forces of human history, the outside war often starts from the war […]

Artist Alexander Kanevsky’s Interview by Merilin Kaceli in Milan Italy EMMAUS Cultural Center The painter and the interviewer discuss Alexander’s painting “Death of Laocoon” under the first copy of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”  

  Eddie Bernard Film takes viewers on a virtual tour inside the Kanevsky Art Gallery in Princeton NJ where a collection of 150 art works of the artist is displayed. Kanevsky Art Gallery in Princeton is one of principle sites of the Sacred Prince of Venice Monsignor Sandro Pulin – […]

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Forefathers”  Painted by the artist in 1997 by oil on 61 x 43 cm wood, this conceptual Biblical painting offers numerous interpretations, particularly attention attracting is the cut arm of Sarah. One of interpretations is that she created nothing with her arms, but with her thighs propitiating her […]