Alexander Kanevsky’s art

The film by Fabrizio Smisci and Fabio Gasparotto features Alexander giving interview to reporters at the opening of La Prima Biennale della Creativita in Italia where exhibition of the artist’s paintings  took place. The interview discusses Alexander’s creative process and some other aspects of his life and art. In English […]

 Alexander Kanevsky’s “Minotaurus” painted in oil on 122 x 122 cm wooden panel in 2000 represents Alexander’s conceptualization of the Myth of Minotaurus – part man part bull living in labyrinth of Ancient Greek City Delphy, consuming its inhabitants as sacrifices. Minotaurus was killed by Theseus. In this conglomerate, like in […]

  The film features the fragment of the official ceremony solemnizing the moment of transference of the artist’s “Photograph” into the Museum Collection. The ceremony received some of Italy’s most important art critics, artists and representatives of cultural elite and other admirers of Alexander’s Art. The film fragment shows the […]

Painting has been discussed in Italy. The main idea of the painting is a composition of human being follows the pattern of universe, from creation to infinite existence, where assimilation, dissimilation and transformation are the 3 main processes that sustain unfading life of self. In his youth Alexander was inspired […]

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Shark” (2008, oil on wood, 4 x 3 feet – 122 x 91 cm) was a star of Sundance Film Festival, ArtExpo New York, Emmaus Center of Milan, Palazzo Leti Sansi and Chiostro di San Nicolo’ of Spoleto,