Alexander Kanevsky’s art

Alexander Kanevsky’s painting in Philadelphia. Alexander Kanvsky’s “Monk’s Sacrifice” (1997, oil on wood, 40 x 28 cm) is in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fridman.

  Alexander Kanevsky speaks with Harry Nasse, gallerist, the Director and Owner of Ward-Nasse Gallery, in front of Alexander’s giant panel with “Swan” and “Parrot” in New York City SoHo Ward-Nasse Gallery. Part 3, The film shows Alexander putting finishing touch on the 3d   of  the  3 ,  8 x 4 feet (244 x 122 cm) wooden panel of the painting, created to support Alexander’s “Art Fighting Cancer” project, as a part of UN Ambassador of Peace  Sacred  Prince NH Monsignore Sandro Pulin […]

Artist in his Studio: Alexander Kanevsky is finishing “Hercules”.   In this particular film Alexander is putting his finishing touches on the face of giant Cacus conquered by Hercules; The painting is comprised by 4 wood panels and stands 16 feet (5 meters) high. This is the first painting […]

Alexander Kanevsky at Rosso Tiziano Gallery of Rosso Tiziano Gallery of Piacenza presents 2 paintings of Alexander Kanevsky. The “Epiphany” arrived there from Festival of Peace in Assisi, where the painting was featured. The “Titus Flavius” arrived there from NYC Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery .be

This painting Alexander created for his “Art against Cancer” project. It is known that Alexander is also a Medical Doctor whose chief aspiration is to fight Cancer by Natural Medicine. Alexander as a writer has published his novel “Andilouieda” in 2011.