MOST FAMOUS PIECES OF ART by Alexander Kanevsky

    Alexander Kanevsky’ painting “QUEEN ESTHER” (2014, fragment, oil on wood, 183 x 122 cm) A completed version of the work, produced during LIVE PAINTING PERFORMANCE Videoteca: Page of “Arte”, edition Giorgio Mondadori, World’s Leading Art Publisher, featuring Alexander Kanevsky “Prometheus Unbound” (2014, Oil on Wood, 122 x 91 cm) forthwith some of Alexander’s upcoming 2016 events in Italy, curated by Professor Giammarco Puntelli. Also by Giorgio Mondadori Editoriale: Alexander Kanevsky pages in Catalogo del Arte […]

 Painting is significant for Alexander’s apocalyptic vision of fatality of current civilization, exemplified by the depicted phantasmagorical para-anthropomorphic female prodigy flying through the sky of London, who with one of her hands is ripping off the tower of Big Ben, shedding off and leaving behind and underneath representative of modern […]