Alexander Kanevsky

  Kanevsky produced painting “India”, commissioned by the Government of the Country…/due-personali-palazzo-grifoni-mostr…/…/alexander-kanevsky-lartista-…/…/il-grande-kanevsky-oggi-agli-……/a-fivizzano-il-g…/ Art of Alexander Kanevsky and Francisco Goya subjected to comparative analysis in Giammarco Puntelli’s book “IL LABIRINTO DELL’IPNOTISTA”, Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori (2016). Film features moments of Kanevsky participation in the exhibition of most important Classical, Modern, and Contemporary Artists, included in the book, celebrating its publication on March 24, […]

    Alexander Kanevsky’ painting “QUEEN ESTHER” (2014, fragment, oil on wood, 183 x 122 cm) A completed version of the work, produced during LIVE PAINTING PERFORMANCE Videoteca:    

 is now on exhibit in National Museum La Chiesa Monumentale di San Francesco,in Gualdo Tadino, Italy, as part of “DALLA TERRA AL CIELO”, curated by Museum Director Catia Monacelli, until March 28, 2016. “Death of Laocoon” was also exhibited in National Museum Castello di Murat during celebration of 60th Premio Pittura […] In Kanevsky Gallery of Art in Princeton, USA, Alexander Kanevsky interviews Joe Esposito, appointed Principle Director of USA Sub-division of Revival of Color of World’s New Renaissance, whereof Alexander is Titled, published and celebrated as the Founder, in Italy, in 2015. Kanevsky Art Gallery, the Principle site of […]

Alexander Kanevsky’ Painting “LOVE ETERNAL” (1995, oil and acrylic on wood, 41 x 61 cm) Homage to Michail Bulgakov’s Novel “Master and Margarita” wherein its pages there is a question: “Who said that there is no eternal love?”. Alexander has finished and signed this painting “KANEVSKY” in 1995 in Maryland […]

Photographed in front of his painting “Creation” in Kanevsky Art Gallery in Kent, Connecticut,USA in 2000. The triptych “Creation” has won the painter the First International Award in Fine Art in Venice, Italy, in March 1999 at the Art Addiction International Art Association Exhibition at Palazzo Correr di Santa Fosca […]   The painting is a visual gift to Anna Aramburo,the Director of National Library of Spain in Madrid. “Red People” is one of 4 major visual gifts of Alexander Kanevsky to some of World’s Principle Art Authorities that the Artist dedicated in 2010. Three other visual gifts were in-signed […] Page of “Arte”, edition Giorgio Mondadori, World’s Leading Art Publisher, featuring Alexander Kanevsky “Prometheus Unbound” (2014, Oil on Wood, 122 x 91 cm) forthwith some of Alexander’s upcoming 2016 events in Italy, curated by Professor Giammarco Puntelli. Also by Giorgio Mondadori Editoriale: Alexander Kanevsky pages in Catalogo del Arte […]