Alexander Kanevsky

Alexander Kanevsky explains his paintings “Embryogenesis”, “Cybelle”, “Mattina”, “Dissected”, and “Evolution” during his current exhibition at Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery of NYC.  

Alexander Kanevsky is also a great Writer The founder of “Synthetic language”. His works conjoin the most authenticated and revived Shakespearian English with the Expressivetongue of various ethnic and cultural slices of human kind. Alexander Kanevsky is the author of the first book of poetry in five different languages. Alexander […]

Alexander Kanevsky is an artist with various talents in him which he masters. Alexander Kanevsky is celebrated winner of the First International Award in fine arts inaugurated in Palazzo Corer de Santa Fosca de Venezia in 1999. He is US National MEDIA CELEBRITY in ART, CULTURE and IDEOLOGY in 2000-200 […]