Alexander Kanevsky

June 14, 2015. Milan, Italy. Milan Expo 2015. National Museum and Gallery of Sacred Art Villa Clerici. Alexander Kanevsky Painting Live at Public Performance in front of Art Directors, Critics, Painters, Sculptors, Musicians. Writers, Intellectuals, Politicians and general public. In 45 minutes of his actual performance Alexander produced 150 x […]

Front Cover of Catalog “L’Arte e il Tempo” (“Art and Time”) authored by Professor Giulia Sillato and Professor Giammarco Puntelli, published by Editoriale GIorgio Mondadori, dedicated to Historic Official Event (Expo in Citta) – Exhibition of World’s Leading Contemporary and Historic Iconic Artists, representing the glory of Italian Art at […]

Official Facebook Page of Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea di Massa e Montignoso announcing 5 upcoming Personal Exhibitions there of Mauro Capitani, Alexander Kanevsky, Stefano Solimani, Franco Gervasio and Carmine Mastronicola, featuring Alexander Kanevsky’s “Shark”. Biennale will start August 19, 2015 Trailer of the movie that is dedicated to Alexander Kanevsky Historic Live Painting Performance at National Museum VIlla Clerici of Milan (Italy) at the time of Alexander’s Personal Exhibition the during Milano Expo 2015. The Exhibition was organized by VIlla Clerici, directed by Angelo Mantovani, curated by GIammarco Puntelli. […]

January 11, 2015. World’s Most Prominent Art Critic Professor Vittorio Sgarbi opening Personal Exhibition of Alexander Kanevsky paintings in Principle Hall of National Museum of Italy, Palazzo Sant’Elia, during Palermo Biennale International Art Expo in Palermo, Italy.

Alexander Kanevsky with Peter Matthaes, Director of MUSEUM OF ART AND SCIENCE (MUSEO D’ARTE E SCIENZA) of MILAN, ITALY, in front of Alexsander’s painting “PHOTOGRAPH”, which MUSEUM had purchased to its collection in October 2013

Alexander Kanevsky during exhibition of his paintings in NATIONAL MUSEUM “CASTELLO DI MURAT” in ITALY Alexsander Kanevsky is photographed in front of his paintings “JEREMIAH”, “INTERNAL MEDICINE”, and “TITUS FLAVIUS” in July 2014 when the exhibition took place during the week of celebration of 60 PREMIO PITTURA “DIANA MUSOLINO”, the […]