Alexander Kanevsky

The film by Fabrizio Smisci and Fabio Gasparotto features Alexander giving interview to reporters at the opening of La Prima Biennale della Creativita in Italia where exhibition of the artist’s paintings  took place. The interview discusses Alexander’s creative process and some other aspects of his life and art. In English […]

Painted by the artist in 2006, this 8 x 12 feet triptych, painted by oil on 3 wooden panels, speculates upon the nature and essence and existence of 4th dimension that imposes itself on our 3-dimensional world, spreading like spilled milk between our bodies, engulfing our souls, determining our time, […]

Alexander Kanevsky’s “Shark” (2008, oil on wood, 4 x 3 feet – 122 x 91 cm) was a star of Sundance Film Festival, ArtExpo New York, Emmaus Center of Milan, Palazzo Leti Sansi and Chiostro di San Nicolo’ of Spoleto,