Alexander Kanevsky

Alexander Kanevsky Palazzo Merati della 55 Biennale Venezia.     Anna Seccia and Gregorio Rossi organized production of one painting by 12 artists exhibited at Palazzo Merati della 55 Biennale Venezia.   In this film Alexander’s “Zenobia” and “Napoleon” featured along with “Laocoon’ and “Judgement of Paris” can be seen. […]


Creation of the painting. Alexander Kanevsky’s “Judith” in 3 stages. Alexander Kanevsky explains the creation of his painting “Judith” in 3 stages from a drawing to the finishing touch. Also interesting to see Giorgione, Caravaggio and other artists depiction of Judith the female hero of the bible.

Alexander Kanevsky’s painting in Philadelphia. Alexander Kanvsky’s “Monk’s Sacrifice” (1997, oil on wood, 40 x 28 cm) is in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fridman.