ALEXANDER Trailer of the movie that is dedicated to Alexander Kanevsky Historic Live Painting Performance at National Museum VIlla Clerici of Milan (Italy) at the time of Alexander’s Personal Exhibition the during Milano Expo 2015. The Exhibition was organized by VIlla Clerici, directed by Angelo Mantovani, curated by GIammarco Puntelli. […]

Alexander Kanevsky “JEREMIAH” (2000, oil on wood, 42 x 60 cm) will be, along with some other Alexander’s paintings exhibited at “SPIRITUALITA NELL’ARTE, LUNGO LE VIE FRANCESCANE” at MUSEO ROCCA FLEA of GUALDO TADINO, CHIESA di SANTA MARIA dei LAICI of GUBBIO, and PALAZZO BERNABEI of ASSISI, ITALY on April […]

Alexander Kanevsky’ “LAVOISIER” (Fragment, 2014, oil on wood, 183 x 122 cm), homage to the Great French Chemist ANTOINE LAVOISIER (1743 – 1794), ALEXANDER painted this picture in the Fall of 2014 in his Princeton Studio, whereof “LAVOISIER” will take its debut in ITALY during MILAN EXPO 2015     […]

Alexander Kanevsky on famous SHAOLIN LAKE of CHINA where living and training in SHAOLIN TEMPLE under legendary KUNG FU monks Shang Long and Ye Tin Hui, as part of personal advancement and better understanding of human body in fighting motion, preparing for PAINTING “THE BATTLE OF CHINA AND JAPAN OF […]

Catia Monacelli and Patrizia Canola in front of Alexander Kanevsky paintings in MUSEUM GUBBIA, ITALY Catia Monacelli, the Museum’s Director, and Patrizia Canola, President of Mosaico di Pace International Art Association photographed in front of Alexander Kanevsky “Epiphany”, “Rape of Sabines”, and “Titus Flavius”. Photographed by Lorenzo Milani in May […]