Michael Fridman in front of Alexander Kanevsky’s “GOD’S KINGDOM” in KANEVSKY ART GALLERY in NEW HAVEN, USA. Michael has been Alexander’s Chief Technical Support supervisor since 1994. Michael had realized stretching of 10 x 16 feet (310 x 488 cm) canvas for Alexander Kanevsky’s “AFRICA” (commissioned by Government of Kenya […]

Alexander Kanevsky with Peter Matthaes, Director of MUSEUM OF ART AND SCIENCE (MUSEO D’ARTE E SCIENZA) of MILAN, ITALY, in front of Alexsander’s painting “PHOTOGRAPH”, which MUSEUM had purchased to its collection in October 2013

Alexander Kanevsky during exhibition of his paintings in NATIONAL MUSEUM “CASTELLO DI MURAT” in ITALY Alexsander Kanevsky is photographed in front of his paintings “JEREMIAH”, “INTERNAL MEDICINE”, and “TITUS FLAVIUS” in July 2014 when the exhibition took place during the week of celebration of 60 PREMIO PITTURA “DIANA MUSOLINO”, the […]

The painting is in the collection of Alexsander Kanevsky Art Gallery in Princeton, NJ, USA. The Princeton Gallery is one of principle sites of U.N. AMBASSADOR OF PEACE Sacred Prince of Venice Monsignor Sandro Pulin “ART FOR PEACE IN THE WORLD” organisation. Alexander was inspired by NEW TESTAMENT FROM JOHN […]

Giammarco Puntelli speaks on Alexander Kanevsky at SPOLETO INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL 2014 The ARTISTIC DIRECTOR of Spoleto International Art Festival, Professor Giammarco Puntelli presents the opening of ALEXANDER KANEVSKY EXHIBITION in a Private Chamber of PALACE OF SPOLETO

Alexander Kanevsky’s “RAPE OF SABINES” (“RATTO DELLE SABINE”) is now on exhibit at SPOLETO INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL (Artistic Director Giammarco Puntelli) Exhibited first at VERONA BIENNALE DELLA CREATIVITA in ITALIA, the painting then moved into MUSEUM of GUBBIO (DIrector Catia Monacelli), thence into NATIONAL MUSEUM “CASTELLO DI MURAT”, and now, […]

Fragment of ALEXANDER KANEVSKY EXHIBITION at NATIONAL MUSEUM “CASTELLO DI MURAT” in ITALY Placed in Citta Pizzo Calabro Castello di Murat is one of Italy’s most pressures Historic Treasures … The Castell associated with names of Murat,Napoleone Buonaparte, Alexander Dumas, Garibaldi … Alexsander Kanevsky exhibition there has taken place during […]